Parunuweap Canyon Adventure
Imagine the Narrows with no people
Sierra’s Traverse Day Hiking Adventure
Escape Crowds through exertion
Parunuweap 3/4 Day Adventure
Wilderness Solitude
Camel Back Ridge Day Hiking Adventure
Explore our backyard slickrock
Saddle Heights Day Hiking Adventure
Explore the Back of Beyond
Kanarra Creek Day Hiking Adventure

a waterfall filled slot canyon

Yant Flat Day Hiking Adventure
Endless wandering in a sandstone wonderland

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Find yourself… by losing yourself in the vast red rock wilderness of southwestern Utah.

No other place offers the ease of access to untrammeled nature and remoteness that this region contains. The remote cliffs, canyons, rivers, and mesas, contain secret alcoves, delicate landscapes and lifetimes of experiences. Come out and  listen to the deepest silence you have never heard.

Our guiding principle is to get you the experience that you are seeking, and this program is no exception. Hiking with our guides is more than simply having someone to follow. We strive for a deeper understanding of pretty scenery, and ask as many questions as we answer, all while guiding you through landscapes straight out of a postcard.

Each of these interpretative hikes are chosen for their beauty, as well as the opportunity to get away from the crowds. From steep hikes that border on climbing to casual strolls through endless fields of rolling slickrock, the opportunities are only limited by your endurance and schedule.