Adventure Day Hikes

Find yourself… by losing yourself in the vast red rock wilderness of southwestern Utah.

No place else offers the ease of access to untrammeled nature and remoteness that this region contains. The innumerable cliffs, canyons, mountain ranges, rivers, mesas, secret alcoves and delicate landscapes offer several lifetimes of experiences, and the chance to hear the deepest silence you have never heard.

Our guiding principle is to get you the experience that you are seeking, and this program is no exception. Hiking with our guides is more than simply having someone to follow. We strive for a deeper understanding of pretty scenery, and ask as many questions as we answer. We guide you through both the landscape and the understanding of how it got to be. We relate to the regions natural history, geology, native American habitation, and methods of survival. All while moving through scenery straight out of a postcard.

Each of these interperative hikes are chosen for their beauty, as well as the opportunity to get away from the beaten path, paved trails, and tourist traps. From steep hikes that border on climbing to casual strolls through endless fields of rolling slickrock, the opportunities are only limited by your endurance and schedule.