Charlie Kessner is a photographer and videographer based in St. George, Utah. His artistic process centers around the connection between the natural world and human being interacting with it. He loves creating unique compositions and capturing spaces many have been to in new and unseen ways utilizing light and color. His personal goals in photography center around getting out a little farther than other photographers and always seeking to find the angle or moment just around the corner of comfortable — trying to put himself in the right place to capture those magic moments of life. Charlie is passionate about the entire process of photography: from planning and scouting, to capturing the moment in the field, to post-processing and making the shot shine on the computer. More than anything he enjoys sharing this passion of his with others who desire to unlock their own creativity and artistry through photography. He believes there lives an artist within everyone, we just have to do something to let it out and play.


Born in Honolulu, Hawaii Charlie grew up in a landscape very different than the deserts of the Southwest though he was taught by the islands at a young age what beauty in a landscape could be. Over the years he has lived in many places from the American Midwest to Milan, Italy all while taking in the beautiful sights this planet has to offer. Professionally he has shot all over the American West as well as in Central and South America. Alongside photography, Charlie found himself in St. George in 2012 to work in wilderness therapy and this experience affected him profoundly. He has chosen to make St. George his home for the unique and untapped raw landscapes that Utah has to offer. Aside from photography, Charlie is an avid desert adventurer, climber, canyoneer, coffee enthusiast, and musician.

A Brief Portfolio of Charlies work: