1/2 Day Canyoneering Adventure
Hike, Rappel, Scramble, through
a local desert slot canyon.
3/4 Rock Canyon Adventure
Solitude in remote and lush
Red Rock Canyon
Canyon / Climbing Adventure
The best of both the vertical
and horizontal worlds
Twilight Canyoneering Adventure
Descend a technical canyon and see the night sky
Day Long Rock Canyon Adventure
Big Rappels, Petroglyphs, and
Deep silence
Bear Canyon Private Canyoneering Adventure
Descend one canyon, and ascend another in utter solitude
3/4 Day Chockstone Canyon Adventure
Shorter drive means more experiences
3/4 Day Paragon Canyon Adventure
Remote, Twisty, and spectacular
Day Long Paragon Canyon Adventure
Explore multiple canyons in remote
Canyoneering Basics Course
Learn the basics from professional
Red Hollow Deserteering Adventure
From Secret slot canyons, to a
Rappel off an arch, this has it all
Island in the Sky Deserteering
Hike, scramble, climb, rappel
over an iconic desert formation


The descent of a slot canyon via hiking, scrambling, rappelling, and sometimes wading or swimming through pools of water.  This activity requires overcoming each obstacle as we encounter it via creative and sometimes technical methods, and as each rainstorm changes the canyon, no two descents are typically the same from month to month.


If Canyoneering is the descent of a drainage, Deserteering is the ascent of a desert feature like a butte or mesa via hiking, climbing, scrambling and rappelling. These features are mazes of passages, bowls, slot canyons and vertical cliffs that require technical rope descents.  Both of our Deserteering Adventures offer a passage through a secret world that few get to experience.

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