There is an irresistible lure to a desert slot canyon. At each bend and twist, a small clue to a vast secret is revealed one step at a time. Reflected canyon light illuminates the stillness, silence envelopes the spaces between footsteps and each echo fly’s down canyon on a search of its own.

Canyoneering is the exploration of this world of slot canyons, via hiking, scrambling, rappelling and sometimes wading and swimming. Southwestern Utah is widely considered to be one of the top Canyoneering destinations in the world, with everything from casual slots that can be done in a couple of hours to multi day wilderness canyons that offer every type of obstacle imaginable.

Our Canyoneering programs offer several beautiful slot canyons on both Bureau of Land management and Dixie National forest terrain, all of which are excellent introductions to the sport. We provide all the equipment, instruction and transportation, and take you step by step through the techniques that make moving through these labyrinth passages both possible and fun.

We specialize in tailored and intimate Canyoneering experiences for small groups. Each trip is an opportunity to share the wonders of this region and our appreciation of it. We thrive on each gasp of wonder.


If Canyoneering is the exploration of narrow depths, Deserteering is a traverse over a desert formation, like a butte or mesa. This differs, in that the skill set required may include hiking, scrambling, technical rock climbing, canyoneering, caving, rappelling and route finding through a confusing labyrinths of passages.

Our Deserteering programs feature access to locations that few have experienced, and intimate features of this slickrock landscape that will forever be locked in the silence of both the desert and your memory .

Unlike every other guide service in the region, Paragon Adventures provides two guides for the vast majority of our technical canyoneeering programs*. 

*1/2 day canyoneering with groups up to 3 require only a single guide

What are you looking for?

The most Zion-like experience:
Any of the Canyoneering programs

The most rappels:
Day Long Canyoneering- Birch Hollow

The tallest rappel:
Chasm/Climbing Adventure

The most remote locations:
Day Long Canyoneering- Rock Canyon
3/4 Day Rock Canyon Adventure
3/4 Day Paragon Canyon Adventure
Canyon & Climbing Adventure

The most strenuous:
Red Hollow Deserteering Adventure
The Triple Slot
The Subway

Inside Snow Canyon State Park:
Island in the Sky Deserteering Adventure

The longest day:
Day Long Canyoneering- Birch Hollow
Day Long Canyoneering- Rock Canyon or Paragon Canyon
Red Hollow Deserteering

Learn to do it yourself:
Canyoneering Basics Course