Slot Canyons are definitely the most iconic feature of red rock Utah. Deep, narrow, sinuous and mysterious, they hold surprises around every bend and require a wide range of skills to get through. Rock Canyon is remote to begin with, requiring miles of sandy 4WD to access, solid navigational skills to find, and technical savvy to get through. This lush canyon empties into spectacular Parunaweap canyon, an untraveled tributary of the Virgin River, and a bacountry wilderness of red rock and deep green, that rivals the Virgin river narrows, but without all the people. Stepping into the East Fork of the Virgin river takes us deep into the stunning solitude of Parunuweap, past a petroglyph panel and into a final slot via a spectacular 120′ rappel. A brief hike brings us back to the vehicle for a cold beverage and fun ride back to civilization.

Unlike every other guide service in the region, Paragon Adventures provides two guides on nearly all of our technical canyoneering programs.*

* 1/2 day canyoneering adventures with up to 3 guests require only a single guide

6-$199 per person
5-$219 per person
4-$229 per person
3-$279 per person
2-$359 per person

2 people minimum

Additional 9.75% Sales Tax and Permit Fees added at checkout
3% discount for personal check
5% discount for cash
Visa, Mastercard and Discover accepted
(Unfortunately we can no longer accept American Express)

Best Program For:
-A Full Day of Slot Canyon Experiences
-6-7 Rappels up to 110 feet high
-Approx 4-5 miles of hiking
-Gourmet lunch
-Canyon exploration where few have been before

Time Required: 10-11 hours
Prerequisites: none
Age: 10-70

Fitness Level: 3
Moderate level program with significant elevation gains for guests with average level of fitness and endurance.
ability to hang from a pull up bar for 10 seconds
 ability to run up 3 flights of stairs
ability to stand on one foot for 10 seconds,  touch alternate fingers to your nose

Season: February- November
Group size: 2-6
Gourmet lunch included
Complimentary digital photos included

What to Bring:

-2 liters of water
-Day pack or hydration pack
-Hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses
-Season appropriate clothing
-Appropriate footwear -Footwear and clothing suggestions link:

Reservation/Cancellation Policy:
100% of your deposit is refundable if we receive a cancellation notice (by email only) 31 days or more prior to your scheduled program date. 30 days before your scheduled program 25% of the total program fee will be charged to the credit card that you provide.
This deposit is non refundable for any cancellation after this point. Cancellations of the program with less than 24 hours notice will be charged 100% of the program fee.
No shows will be charged 100% of the program fee.

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