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Southwestern Utah represents what may be the greatest variety of rock climbing opportunities in the country. Scattered among almost 50 areas are over 1500 established routes, all of them in the midst of such profound and diverse beauty, it seems impossible that they are actually in the same state.

Paragon Climbing instructors have decades of experience in the southern Utah region and maintain an intimate knowledge of both the routes as well as the beautiful desert environment. This makes your climbing day as informative as it is rewarding.

We provide the rock climbing and gear, you provide the appendages and the desire. The result is attaining a perspective previously reserved for hawks and falcons. Our rock climbing school offers comprehensive climbing instruction, all the equipment used for rock climbing, as well as a patient and thorough instructor. We are dedicated to creating safe and competent climbers.

With over 300 days of sunshine a year, mild winter temperatures, high altitude crags to beat the summer heat, as well as environments from desert to alpine, there simply isn’t a better place to be a climber. Come out and let us show you our desert paradise and discover something about yourself in the process