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Photography Adventures

Hands-on learning in the field with guidance from a professional photographer to help you create your own amazing images with your own equipment.


Learn the art of capturing light!

All adventures include 2-3 hours of on-location shooting in the incredible landscape of Snow Canyon and other hidden gems around the St. George area. All adventures have very minimal required hiking though we have options for altered programs for those who want to get farther out on the trail.

Learn how to take your photos to the next level!

All adventures include an in-depth 2 hour intro course into digital post-processing. We will focus on the Adobe CC suite of Lightroom and Photoshop. From organization to making your first color adjustments this course will give you the confidence to transform the beautiful photos that you will take into amazing pieces of art.

Recommended gear:

  • Camera that can access full manual mode
  • Tripod
  • Wide Angle Lens (16mm-28mm)
  • Any additional lenses mid-long range
  • Extra charged batteries and empty memory cards
  • Any Auxiliary Filters
  • Personal Gear (water, food, warm layers, etc.
  • Laptop Computer w/ some type of photo editing software (we will focus on lightroom and photoshop)   We also will have a limited number of computers available do the editing class if you do not have a laptop you can bring with you.

Good photography is not based in the fanciest and most expensive gear, rather it lies in the skill and understanding of the photographer and how they use a camera to capture light. These courses are designed to give students of all skill levels a solid base understanding of how to use a camera to capture good photos; to help you break out of the “auto mode” we so frequently find ourselves in. Therefore while the quality and price of the camera you bring to the class doesn’t matter much, the ability to control the camera in a fully manual mode does. With a small point and shoot camera that doesn’t have an easily accessed and controlled manual mode, you won’t be able to take full advantage of the technical knowledge we will be covering in the field. And though they are incredible devices in 2019, it goes without saying, please don’t try to take this class with your iPhone! If you have any questions about your camera please don’t hesitate to send us a message.