Wild Caving Sampler Adventure
Explore what lies underfoot
Wild Caving Traverse Adventure
A Traverse through the dark unknown

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Wild Caving Adventures

Wild Caving Sampler Adventure
The Cave Traverse Adventure

Looking for a completely out of the ordinary experience?

How about some underground hiking where it is always 58 degrees and we never get rained on, sunburned, or windblown? We never have to worry about finishing before dark because it is always dark, we can even do an after dinner program if that is what best suits your schedule.

Paragon Adventures now offers 2 wild caving programs based on how crazy you want to get

We provide guides, transportation, Helmets, headlamps, knee and elbow pads, as well as technical rappelling equipment for a 170′ rappel into the inky blackness You bring along a healthy sense of adventure and willingness to push yourself past your fears and into the most unique terrain imaginable.