The Quest Multi-Sport Adventure
Most popular multi-sport adventure
Great Family adventure
The Voyage Multi-Sport Adventure
Longest zip line with longest Rappels
Red Rock Multi-Sport Day Adventure
A Full Day of Awesome in a red rock labyrinth
The Mojave Canyon Zipline Tour
600′ long Ziplines across a desert canyon
Red Rock Multi-Sport 3/4 Adventure
Concentrated Multi-Sport fun
ATV / Zip Multi-Sport Adventure
Combine Zipline, Rappelling and ATV ride

Multi-Sport Zip Line Adventures

These programs consist of beautiful guided hikes enhanced with a variety of exciting vertical challenges. Depending on the program these may consist of combinations of rock climbing, rappelling, zip lines, slot canyons,… or all of the above.

Each of these programs are appropriate for novice through advanced levels of experience and fitness. We want you to be challenged but still smiling at the end of the day and left with a new appreciation of what you are capable of achieving.

What are you looking for?

The most rappelling: 
The Quest Adventure
The Voyage Adventure

The most rock climbing:
The Red Rock Adventure 

The greatest variety:
The Red Rock Adventure 

Just zip lining:
Mojave Canyon Zip Line Tour

ATV riding:
ATV-Zip Combo Adventure (Full Day and 1/2 Day) *minimum group size of 4