Instructional Courses

Our Instructional Courses are designed around our guests goals. We customize each course around those goals, and teach relevant skills designed around the development of both technical aptitude, and good judgement. Success and survival naturally follow.

These Courses focus on building strong foundational skills and knowledge, upon which we can begin to build a series of common sense, relatable, and retainable techniques that will function under a wide range of situations and environments.

We intentionally choose to focus on the bed rock fundamentals, and basic techniques instead of excessively complex, difficult to remember, and arcane methodologies more suitable to a classroom than a cliff face.

Basic 3 Day Rock Climbing Course
Learn the basics and go out and climb
Mental Performance Courses
Learn to embrace manageable risk
1 Day Anchors 101 Course

It does not get more fundamental

Canyoneering Basics Course
Slot Canyoneering Fundamentals
3 Day Traditional Climbing Course

The art of crack climbing placing your own pro.

1 Day Trad Climbing Adventure
Experience trad climbing for the first time
Lead Climbing Seminar
Get out on the Sharp End- Safely
Basic Rappelling Course
Get down with Great Instruction