Preferred Guest Menu

This selection of programs is designed around and for return guests with whom we have a sense of their fitness, aptitude, stamina, and appreciation for off the beaten track adventures

These programs feature long days and remote locations where we are often beyond cell coverage, and in deep canyons where GPS does not function. This necessitates guests who understand the level of commitment, preparation,  and sense of adventure to handle whatever the desert is going to throw our way.

Ultimate Parunuweap Canyon Adventure

Soak in the wilderness solitude

The Triple Slot

Three Iconic Zion Canyons in one awesome day

The Subway

The most sought after canyoneering experience in the world

Canyoneering Backcountry day long adventure

Go deep into wild zion

The Challenge Multi Sport Adventure

Adventure filled with variety

Fat Mans Misery

Hardest to get to but worth the effort

Chasm/Climbing Adventure

Solitude in Slickrock Backcountry

Scrub Oak Canyon

A Local Gem of a Canyon

Birch Hollow Plus

Explore the Zion Backcountry