No guide services can take you here, but we can get you there.

The left fork of North Creek is known as the Subway for the nearly tunnel like aspect that the walls of this slot canyon have developed from centuries of flash flooding.

This is backcountry Zion national park at it very best. Pristine, lush, and remote this program requires a high degree of self reliance, stamina and preparation.

The National Park Service prohibits all commercial guiding of this route, which is where this program comes in.

As a return guest we will spend a few hours the day before reviewing the necessary rappelling and canyon travel techniques, as well as outfitting you with all of the necessary equipment, from harness’s and rappel devices to ropes and wetsuits.

You will need to travel to Zion national park that afternoon to pick up your backcountry permit for the Top down Subway hike.

 5-$169 per person
4-$179 per person
3-$189 per person
2-$199 per person
1- $299

Additional 9.75% Sales Tax and Permit Fees added at checkout
3% discount for personal check
5% discount for cash
Visa, Mastercard, and Discover accepted
(Unfortunately we can no longer accept American Express)

Best Program For:
-A world class Canyoneering experience
-Remote backcountry travel
-Sense of self reliance and accomplishment

Time Required:
1st day 1-2 hours
2nd day 8-12 hours
Prerequisites: Fitness and stamina to travel 11 miles of backcountry
Appropriate Age: 8-70

Fitness Level: 4
Vigorous level program, fast paced with significant elevation gains, and wilderness travel conditions.
Strength: ability to hang from pull up bar for 30 seconds
Aerobic: ability to walk up 30 flights of stairs (even if it takes a while and you have to stop)
Balance: ability to walk a balance beam

Season: May-November
Private Instruction
Shuttle Arrangements
All technical Equipment
Complimentary digital photos included

What to Bring:
-2 liters of water
-Day pack or hydration pack
-Hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses
-Season appropriate clothing
-Appropriate footwear
-Footwear and clothing suggestions link:

Reservation/Cancellation Policy: 
2 weeks before the scheduled program date we will call to obtain a credit card number to hold the reservation.  We do not charge a deposit to this card however any cancellations after this point (for any reason) will result in a $25 cancellation fee

Cancellations of the program with less than 24 hours notice will be charged 100% of the program fee.

No shows will be charged 100% of the program fee.

If we need to cancel the program for any reason, there is no fee.